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Alcoves In London

Get the most attractive build in alcove cupboards to enhance your living room look. You can easily upgrade any room space with the best customised furniture of your choice. With Golden Star Design & Build, there is a storage solution for everywhere that will perfectly suit your taste and preference. Get the best bespoke alcoves for your living room that are brand new and stylish. These Alcoves can house your brand-new build-in cabinets, your favourite build-in bookcase, or even a fitted TV or media unit.

We design, manufacture, and install the best customised build-in cupboards, fitted wardrobes, and custom storage units for your alcoves that are made to measure to the precise contours of your home and to enhance the interiors of your home. Our custom-fitted build in alcove units with a smart front-frame system come in a variety of style ranges and unique colours with a variety of finishes that not only provide twice as much storage as standard alcove cabinets since our designs run from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, but also provide a more modern, classic, and elegant look that complements your home.

We have custom-made fitted wardrobes to fit the exact dimensions of your awkward spaces and fireplace corners. Our modern and fitted Alcoves cover wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, taking up the entire available space beside your chimney and providing up to twice the storage of a traditional solution.

Alcoves Wardrobes

Get our best made-to-measure Alcoves for effortlessly elegant storage spaces. With full-width, full-height cupboards and shelves, you can easily transform your home into bespoke furniture. We effortlessly design the bespoke alcove units to your home’s unique measurements, ensuring that every last bit of space is effectively used and utilised.

Alcoves Wardrobes Portfolio