Hinged Wardrobes

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Bespoke Hinged Door Wardrobes In London

Incorporate hinged wardrobes in your unique bedroom, a perfect solution for effectively using the space. These modern fitted wardrobes can be installed anywhere in your house and give your full storage facility, but they are best suited for bedrooms, lofts, reception rooms, etc.

At Golden Star Design & Build, you can access a number of hinged door wardrobes with state-of-the-art designs that open into the room and give you a clear and unobstructed view of the wardrobe. We facilitate clients to build their own bespoke bedroom wardrobes by choosing their own designs, colours, materials and structures fit for your interior.

In our made to measure wardrobe category, bespoke hinged wardrobes are most popular in London. We can offer you all the premium finishes available in the market with a combination of advanced innovations in the storage furniture sector. Customers can assess our comprehensive selection of bespoke designs, finishes and solid to neutral colours for a sleek and stylish appearance complimenting your interiors.

Install custom-made wardrobes in your home design plans to keep your bedroom clutter free and make the most of your available space, effectively managing your storage requirements. Bring your hinged wardrobe ideas to life with us as we help you in building custom-designed wardrobes; get the assistance of our expert team to design the right storage furniture to keep your space clutter-free elegantly.

The Mirrored Hinged Wardrobe

Explore our wide range of hinged wardrobes with sleek glass doors with fancy glass fittings. With our custom-fitted wardrobes, you can expect us to place every mirror strategically, so the room appears large, as it doubles the space. The glassy finish can offer stunning interior aesthetics and suit almost any décor theme. These mirrored hinged wardrobes in London can reflect the light to make the room appear well-lighted.

Hinged Wardrobe Portfolio